Reagieren Sie nicht auf die Erpressung I’ve got your password on Danielle Ausmus ([email protected])!

Am Sonntag, den 02. September 2018 wurde durch unbekannte Dritte die folgende E-Mail in englischer Sprache versendet. Achtung: Reagieren Sie nicht auf die E-Mail! Es handelt sich um eine gefälschte E-Mail! Die Absender haben keine Bilder / Aufzeichnungen von Ihnen! Die genannte E-Mail-Adresse hat mit der Erpressung auch nichts zu tun!

Betreff: I’ve got your password
Absender: Danielle Ausmus ([email protected])

I’ve got your password “ 12345 “ and I have other passwords that you
use. I hacked your computer’s OS through an unsecured wifi connection while
you were downloading a file over 27 Months ago.

How did this happen; right? I coded Malware into videos posted on a porn
website you logged on to. You might also have been infected by a link in an
email you got advertising porn. Who knows? When you took a sneak peek, your
browser assumed another function and became a RAT (a Remote Access Tool). It
bypasses your computer’s OS security and gives me full access to your webcam
and computer screen functions and you won’t even know i’m there. Does your
computer ever slowdown and you wonder; what just happened?

But then i’m sure now you know it’s me and you know your password (that YOU
have used somewhere most recently). This is just „1“ of the Login events
from your computer in the past couple of months. Till recently; my rat was
actively mining and collecting information that i can exploit.

Ever since your OS got infected i’ve had the chance to know when you logon,
watch porn, send emails, use social media etc. I’m able to search through
your files, your recycle bin and also scrape through your contact lists on
social media, from emails etc.
To avoid detection throughout its active lifespan, this rat spreads to other
computers and phones and re-infects the host (your computer) subsequently
after. This also gives me access to those phones or computers that have come
in close range with yours.
So i will suggest not telling your friends about your blunder and how you
probably got them infected too.

What exactly have i been up to in over 2 years?

Nothing! I simply allowed the malware to run out it’s lifespan and dump all
the audio, visual, and text data to my servers for storage. In other words;
it’s been catching everything! It actively records the videos you watch
(using your OS) and also records you; this view is from your webcam. It also
traps and stores any incriminating email.

Normally I set this rat trap to infect and spy on celebrities who watch porn
or click on random links in their email.
I record and leak their “private and confidential conversations” to blogs
and magazines and i get paid $ 4000 for every compilation i send in I guess
now you know how they get their gossip!

Since you downloaded the rat and it’s been assigned to your PC and working
on you, i think you should make it worth my while; don’t you?
This is a simple case of you being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

You will pay me $1900 to make all these files go away and you’ll pay me in
Pay to this Bitcoin Address : 122vx7ivY3mNQH22138HP9fZniauZ7urAn
If you don’t know about Bitcoin, search online about what Bitcoin is and how
to buy bitcoin.
The Bitcoin address is case sensitive, so be very careful when you copy it

If you copy the wrong address and you make payment there; your money is gone
forever because payments to wrong addresses are irreversible!

You will have exactly 120 hours to make this payment in full.
If you make a partial Bitcoin payment and don’t complete full payment before
your time runs out, I will start getting videos or any “embarrassing” emails
together to send to all your contacts and also all of your friends on Social
Media. I’m sure they will like to know something about you which you thought
was hidden. It could be a split-screen video presentation that i will send
to each one of them showing what you watched and all the fun you had while
watching or just a bunch of need to know facts!
You want all of this to go away? Here’s how it’s going to work;

Scenario 1
If I get paid in full and on time, I will start erasing everything i have on
you. The faster I get paid the better for both of us.
I wouldn’t want to get extra tempted and put together something (maybe
because i’m bored of waiting for the Bitcoins).

Scenario 2
If I don’t get paid or your payment is not in full and your time runs out, I
will email you again with a new demand including the extra you will pay for
the work i did while waiting for 120 hours to expire and then i will give
you another 24 hours to comply with the new demand. This could range from
double to triple the initial payment. After this; i won’t contact you again
and when your 24 hours is up and no payment; out goes the videos to your

Have this at the back of your mind.
I’m tracking a special link i coded into the header of this email and I
check it every hour. I will know exactly when you read this.
Don’t waste your time or mine by replying.
The email account i used is hacked and i won’t be logging on there again to
read any replies.

I will be reasonable and give you 3 hours to sitdown and think about this;
then your time starts.


Unter dem Vorwand, Sie hätten Porno-Videos im Internet angeschaut und wären dabei über die WebCam gefilmt worden, wollen unbekannte Dritte Sie erpressen. Die Erpresser behaupten, Sie gefilmt zu haben. So etwas kann zwar technisch nicht ausgeschlossen werden, bei der o. g. E-Mail ist das aber nicht passiert!

Damit die Täter nicht gefunden werden, verlangen sie eine Zahlung über 1900 $ (US-Dollar) mittels BitCoin. Zahlen Sie kein Geld an die Täter! Die Täter haben kein Video / keine Aufzeichnung von Ihnen und werden daher auch keine Videos veröffentlichen!


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