Reagieren Sie nicht auf die Erpressung ‚ , you’re fucked, i now know your personal secret, therefore you better read this.‘ von [email protected]

Am Mittwoch, den 07. November 2018 wurde durch unbekannte Dritte die folgende E-Mail in englischer Sprache versendet. Achtung: Reagieren Sie nicht auf die E-Mail! Es  handelt sich um eine gefälschte E-Mail! Die Erpresser haben keine Daten von Ihnen!

Betreff: , you’re fucked, i now know your personal secret, therefore you better read this.
Absender: [email protected]


I’m going to cut to the chase. My friends call me Marisol81 and I am aware the facts you’re trying to keep from your
better half along with all the others. More to the point, i have evidence of exactly what you already been concealing. I will not get deeply into the specifics
here in the event that your spouse will see this letter, but you know exactly what i am talking about.

You actually do not really know me i believe and also no-one hired me to take a look right into you, Nor did i head out seeking to melt you. Its only your
poor fortune that I stumbled upon your activities while doing work. I then invested additional time than I
probably must have looking at your lifetime. Honestly, I’m ready to ignore about you then let you get on with your life.
So I’m about to offer you a couple choices that may complete this exact thing. only two options are to either ignore this
letter, or maybe just pay me $4800. Let’s examine those two possible choices in a bit more detail.

Option # one will be to pay no attention to this letter. Let me show you what exactly will occur if you end up picking this trail. I’ll use this data and
send out it all to your wife. And as insurance from you getting it well before your spouse gets it, I will even mail duplicates to her
friends, family and to everyone of your closest community. So, Kent, even though you plan to arrive nice and clean with your girlfriend, it would not
secure her from the mortification she can feel when her family uncover your sordid facts from me.

Solution 2 would be to pay me $4800, We’re going call this my „secrecy price“. So, i want to explain to you what arises in case you consider
this route. Your own secret remains to be your top secret. You go on with your everyday living as nothing of the following actually occurred. Although you
may possibly need to accomplish a much better work at trying to keep your misdeeds secret in long run.

Now you could possibly be planning, „I’m going to simply head over to the police.“ Which is why I have taken additional actions to ensure this email cannot be
traced to me. And so this will not help, and it will not prevent the evidence from killing your life. Now i’m not trying to crack
your bank, i just desire to be paid out for the amount of time put into researching you.

And so let’s predict you have come to obvious point that your very best option would be to cover the fee, You certainly will send payment to me
incognito utilizing bitcoin. If you want me to hold your personal secret, in that case transfer $4800 in bitcoin into the receiving btc
address detailed at the end of this email. Settlement should be acquired within just Nine days right after you’ll receive that. Tell no-one that you’ll be working with the btc for or they might not sell It to you. The procedure to
receive btc might take a few days so do not put it off. In case I don’t receive bitcoin by the due date, I am going to go ahead and
release the evidence to absolutely everyone. after which the very least you might do is tell your wife so that she can inform her friends and family before they uncover the truth on their own.

====== BTC 1MHrwhCvS84XFnecahacJGD3ugCGT2TG1R ====


Unter dem Vorwand, der Absender der E-Mail hätte persönliche Geheimnisse von Ihnen, wollen unbekannte Dritte Sie erpressen. Das stimmt aber nicht! Dritte haben keine Daten von Ihnen! Reagieren Sie deswegen nicht auf die E-Mail!

Damit die Täter nicht gefunden werden, verlangen sie eine Zahlung über 4.800 $ (US-Dollar) mittels BitCoin. Zahlen Sie kein Geld an die Täter! Die Täter haben keine Daten von Ihnen und werden daher auch keine Geheimnisse veröffentlichen!


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