ELGORDO INTERNACIONAL von [email protected] ist Vorschussbetrug/Scam!

Am Mittwoch, den 04. Oktober 2017 wurde durch unbekannte Dritte die folgende E-Mail in deutscher Sprache versendet. Achtung: Es handelt sich um Vorschussbetrug (Scam)! Antworten Sie daher nicht auf die E-Mail! 


Absender: [email protected]
Antworten an: [email protected]


Escudo Gobierno de España. Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública. Ir a la pagina inicial. Loterías y apuestas

Pº. De la Castellana, 162. 28046-Madrid
Departimiento de aprobación del premio no reclamado
Tel Oficina : +34-642-192753
Correo Electronico: [email protected]

Fecha: 21/07/2017

Ref: CKU/100/ESP
Atten: Beneficiary: (E-Mail-Adresse)


The Ministry writes to inform you about the release for the INTERNATIONAL ELGORDO AWARD PROGRAM, held on the 22nd of September, 2017, the results were released on the 4th of October, 2017. Your reference number: CKU/100/ESP and email (E-Mail-Adresse) entered as a dependent client with reference number: CKU/100/ESP and the batch number: 80076, your winning attached to ticket number: 317.2 with serial number: 53401-64 drew the lucky winning numbers: 05-08-10-13-14-22.

This subsequently won the lottery in the first category, and you have therefore been approved for a winning payment of (€19, 300,000.00) NINETEEN MILLION, THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS only, credited to file claims number: 221/20914/2017. This is from a total cash prize of €210, 000,000.00 (TWO HUNDRED AND TEN MILLION EUROS ONLY) shared among international winners in different categories.


All participants were selected through a computer email ballot system drawn from 31,000,000 (Thirty one million), names from, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South and North America as part of our International promotions program which we conduct once every year. We hope your lucky email will draw a bigger cash prize in the subsequent programs ahead.

Your fund is now deposited with the lotto board approved bank in Spain, LACAIXA BANK of SPAIN and it’s protected with insurance bond policy coverage with your reference number CKU/100/ESP and email address (E-Mail-Adresse). Due to irregular practices of some unscrupulous elements, we the ministry, have decided to withhold the prize claim processing form until you contact the agent assigned to assist you through the process of making your claim and his name is Don Pedro Blanco.

For security purposes, this prize award notice should be strictly kept from the public notice until your claim has been processed and your funds remitted to you through any means of your choice, as this is part of our security measure to avoid double claiming or unwarranted abuse of the program by other participants or well informed persons.

To begin your claim, please contact your claim’s agent, Don. Pedro Blanco the foreign operation manager of Mapfre Seguros S.A with Tel: +34 911 980 766 Movil: +34665 442 070 and Fax: +34 911 235 750. Email: [email protected]

Please Note: All prize money must be claimed not later than 27th October, 2017 after this date, every unclaimed prize funds will be returned to the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y HACIENDA as unclaimed funds.

In order to avoid unnecessary delay and complications, please remember to quote your reference number and batch number in every of your correspondence with us or your claim. And also be informed that 5% (ten percent) of your winning fund belongs to Mapfre Seguros S.A. for representing you through the process of claiming your fund here in Spain, This will be remitted after you have received your winnings and why because, the fund was insured in your name.

Congratulations once again from all our members of staff and thank you for being a part of our International promotions program.

Contraloría General
Martha Agüela

Achtung: Es handelt sich um eine gefälschte E-Mail! Reagieren Sie nicht auf die E-Mail! Senden Sie keine Informationen zurück, vor allem keine Ausweiskopie! Sie haben nicht gewonnen und Sie werden auch nie Geld erhalten! Es handelt sich um die Betrugsmasche „Vorschussbetrug“ (Scam)!

Unter dem Vorwand, Sie hätten einen großen Geldbetrag gewonnen wollen unbekannte Dritte an Ihre persönlichen Daten. Anschließend würden diese von Ihnen immer wieder Geldbeträge fordern, z. B. für Auslagen, Zoll / Steuern / Versicherungen, uvm.

Am Ende werden Sie keinen Cent sehen. Statt dessen haben Sie selbst tausende Euro ausgegeben und somit den Schaden.

Außerdem können die unbekannten Dritten mit der Ausweiskopie Identitätsdiebstahl begehen. Reagieren Sie daher nicht auf die o. g. E-Mail!

Informieren Sie sich ggf. auf Wikipedia über „Vorschussbetrug“.


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